What a powerful mantra. I have been reading books by Ruiz, Palmer, Kornfield, Brown and learning and relearning that I just need to accept me for me. I am enough!   As you travel life’s journey you pass through so many stages in your own development. Yes, you realize early in life that there … More I AM ENOUGH!

Life’s learnings

Spring is here! Graduations, end of the year celebrations are present… a time for endings and new beginnings. As I look back in my own journey through life I have had many transitions to new beginnings. I have learned so much from these transitions and I have also learned I have more to learn. So … More Life’s learnings

YOU’RE 70!

  You’re seventy! Doesn’t really seem true when someone says that to me. I find it difficult to grasp. How did I get this old already? My body may be seventy but inside I am probably not over 50. I feel and think like I am in the discovery, experimental mode of my life. I … More YOU’RE 70!


Evolution….. Evolve! I am evolving each day, working to develop into a better person who lives life to the fullest. This should be a goal for all of us because we should and need to be learning something new each day. When we stop learning we stop living. I have observed many who think they … More EVOLVING…

Alone vs Loneliness

  Retirement brings life into a different light. You are looking at life through a different lens. As you travel this journey of life you learn to adapt to the challenges set before you. One aspect we all have to deal with is being alone and loneliness. There are differences between being alone and being … More Alone vs Loneliness